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Vore, kinda...

Postby anthrocoon » Sat Oct 25, 2003 6:39 pm

I responded to a post about vore on another messageboard and thought I'd share it here too:

PT said:
>>I was strangely fascinated with the scenes where the lion was attempting to eat the mouse.

Wouldn't it be interesting if, say, the mouse grew to giant size and attempted to eat the lion (or having the lion shrink, etc.)?
Reversal of what's expected.

Naman said:
>>It's about becoming a part of another, or having another become a part of you.

Cue the Peter Frampton oldie: "I'm in you...you're in me..."

In a related interest, I started a yahoo!Group called Giant Food Fantasies in which people imagine that they're tiny and in a giant piece of food, and either:
a) they just get a kick out of being in a huge piece of food,
b) they imagine themselves TRYING TO ESCAPE as someone
consumes the food/drink, or
c) it goes right into vore...the person/furry in the food or drink
is consumed.

Remember the scene in Honey I Shrunk the Kids when little
Nicky is in his dad's Cheerios? "No dad, don't eat me...

Or what about the moment in "Innerspace" (which came out in the late 80s as well)--astronaut Dennis Quaid is in Martin
Short's body (I mus' say!), cruising through his bloodstream in a miniturized space ship. At one point there's a bad guy who is also injected into Martin Short, and he tries to attack Dennis. But the guy eventually falls and (they're in the stomach or something) he gets consumed by stomach acid.

"Where's the bad guy?," asks Martin (who can talk to tiny
Dennis Quaid).
"You just digested him."
Martin Short then burps.
And a moment later we see the skeleton of the digested
guy passing by...
{For the record, stomach acid would probably NOT be acidic enough to do this...which is something Kage said at the last AnthroCon macro panel...}
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