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Visiting the NARFA Cube

Postby BrianKDragon » Sun Sep 21, 2003 7:03 am

I live in eastern PA. I just learned about the NARFA Cube the other day after listening to 2 Sense. I want to check this thing out for myself. As I understand it, The Cube is an apartment building, in Arkansas, where a record number of furs live, or something. Unless my sleuthing is poor, I haven’t found much info about it.

Do you guys know anything about the NARFA Cube?

Kutztown to AK is a haul. Two days drive, right? If I go, I’d want to stay a few days, and I don’t know who even lives there, let alone if they’d let me crash for a bit.

I’m all about road trips, and visiting The Cube would be a neat lil’ adventure.
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