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Postby FoxChess » Mon May 30, 2011 3:20 am

My reason? Because forum roleplay is too SLOW. I prefer it in a chatroom or such. I hate having to wait hours for replies.
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Postby macrokat » Mon May 30, 2011 4:13 am

Well I DO love participating in Rp's as you know. I understand the messenger versus forum thing.

Messenger RPing can be very fun, because things form quickly. The story gets in, gets going, grows quickly. It's pretty fun.

But, as you pointed out, there are definitely quality comparisons. In forum RP's due to the wait, people tend to make each post count, so there's detail, etc.

In a messenger, it's quick so replies are short and to the point.

For me, it's all about convenience. The forum just works best, can't be tied to the laptop all day just to rp, and my phone CAN do chat programs, BUT that cuts my battery life down , and there's still an issue of response time. Since I'm not always free, especially if I'm operating by phone.

The forum though, I can keep caught up with the story, post when I get the chance, etc. It's far more convenient. So even if it takes a bit longer sometimes, forum is still the best means for me. :P
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Postby Daithean » Mon May 30, 2011 12:44 pm

I find the forum ones a bit farcical.

I'll back that up.

If more than two people play, then you need a posting order or it becomes a farce. Not everyone respects that, and if you do respect it, but one member can't get on for several days and doesn't announce this (or does but doesn't care) then you have to hold the whole thing up. If it's not being respected you get whole chunks of action where one character is utterly not present, but may become present later.

Next you have style. Lots of people roleplay in different ways. I know a lot of people, usually ones who've been brought up on Japanese RPGs, that assume roleplaying is finding someone to fight. This may not be a general rule but it's a trend I've observed. I do probably hang out with the wrong people. So, you potentially have a person who wants to make it about combat, someone else who wants to play X-men style super powered things when the setting may not warrant it and someone else who wants to use the RP to explore thematic variations. Now, if you start excluding people or having a 'closed' RP where only invited people may participate... in public... that's not cool. That can be done via email or something unless it's all about masturbation (not in the literal sense) and you want people to see your mad RP skillz when that's not cool either.

Finally you have the system. There usually isn't one. Free-form RP requires the participants have a strong sense of the story and of collaboration. Most of the time they just want to show off their new kick ass character they've invented. To be fair, who doesn't? But P & P roleplays usually have a system that stops people going overboard and makes them rein themselves in. Free form doesn't. Add into this macrophilia is often about being the biggest, baddest thing there is and you have a recipe for farce, where characters are just (again, metaphorically speaking) comparing endowments to see who wins.

This is just my opinion, what I have observed (not necessarily here). I do enjoy RP but I was playing it with books and character sheets long before I found forums and I also tend to be the one running the game, so that's probably influenced my opinion. I just find it like some musicians having a bit of a jam, and one wants to play Jazz, another classical, one death metal and so on. Each may be good individually, but...
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Postby zukezorin » Mon May 30, 2011 4:38 pm

I used to use the roleplay forums quite a lot a few years back. Thinking about why I stopped, I'd have to say it was the people.

I'm a story-oriented guy and favor rp's that have rich story, but not many agree and are more action-oriented. What character development I've seen usually consisted of a long post describing all one's powers and their exceptional uniqueness and their pet/slave/mount that absolutely adores them. Nothing about that is balanced and it's immediately powergaming.

This was something I used to tolerate, but it just wore on me as time went on and I finally got too tired of it to continue. I finished the rp's I was in and stopped.

Grammar and punctuation are...less important and more important. I'm more tolerant of a few slip-ups and dropped periods, but in a world entirely created and interacted with through written text when grammar disappears you lose any immersion or even comprehensibility.

Most of the folks I enjoyed roleplaying with are still inactive here and I haven't seen someone that has blown me away with skill such that I must roleplay with them. Admittedly, I don't do really look at the roleplay forums anymore, so I could be ignorant of an awesome roleplay going on. My statements are not directed at anyone in particular, not meant to be insulting, and I apologize if they are.

Short summary; I don't roleplay here anymore due to the low level of story depth and character development, lack of grammar, and disinterest with the generally self-serving nature of the roleplay direction.
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Postby dragonien » Mon May 30, 2011 5:47 pm

zukezorin wrote:Zukezorin speaking awsomely.

I miss Darkblood castle, and the surrounding timeline of RPs :(
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