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Postby Narzain » Tue Sep 04, 2018 2:19 am

So, I had an idea on another thread that if all of us lurkers and every-so-oftens took five minutes or so every week or two to post something here, be it a short vignette, a quick sketch, or what have you, then we might bring this site's activity levels back up to, well, macro levels. Naturally, it took me a few weeks before I actually accomplished anything. But, here's my first contribution to the Five Minute Macro Challenge. (Yeah, it took much more than five minutes to write, but it's a concept thing.)

Five Minute Macrophile – September 2018, Week One

“Climb on my shoulders so you can see.”

Explosions filled the air with light and noise. Sean blinked at the onslaught against his eyes and ears, then laughed and clapped his hands at the sheer spectacle of it all. Streaks of red, blossoms of yellow, gouts of blue seared across the sky, accompanied by plumes of white, grey, black and green vapors. Underscoring the visual excess was a sustained rumbling punctuated with regular loud thuds, shrill whistles, and the everchanging roar of many voices. The husky kicked his paws in joy. Maria had been right, he thought. The view from her shoulders was unbeatable.

Explosions filled the air with deadly shrapnel, blinding flares, and deafening cacophony. Gerard dove to the muddy ground, his scream of pain and terror lost in the wave of overpressure that smashed him flat. As quickly as he had fallen, he scrambled to his feet, trying to outrun the horror all around him. Streaks of flame and missile exhaust, blossoming detonations of aircraft, and the blue of ruptured and ignited gas lines seared his vision. SAM contrails, smoke from countless burning buildings, and tendrils of failed chemical weapon attacks choked his nose and throat. The dull rumble of ongoing artillery fire had become background noise compared to the crack of fresh explosions, the shriek of missile launches, and the screams of a thousand terrified voices, his own included. The fox’s shoulders twitched violently as another building mere yards to his left was slammed into rubble by a titanic black-and-grey paw. Against his will, his eyes tracked up from that terrible paw, up legs big as a skyscraper to a torso shrouded in what looked like a toga or short robe in some crimson fabric. Arms just as powerful as the legs swung with awful precision, swatting aircraft from the sky, suffering no more damage from the impact than the rest of the gargantuan body had from the best the Defense Forces could throw at her. For it was, unmistakably, a female wolf nearly two hundred feet tall who had wrought all of this carnage. As his city crumbled and burned around him, Gerard could only wonder, why? What offense could they have committed to have such calamity rained down on them?

Sean stared down at the destruction far below, taking a good look down Maria’s cleavage in the process. He whispered in her ear, trusting her enhanced senses to hear him, the quiet words filtered out of battleground chaos. “Thanks, honey. Best birthday present ever.”
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Re: Five Minute Macrophile

Postby CrazyMike » Mon Nov 05, 2018 10:57 pm

I don't think I'm very good at story interaction, most of my stories are dull and I don't think people would like them. I often have some dreams where things like that happen but I think it would blend in with everything else. I think it's because I've never thought of myself as interesting and like to enjoy what other people are doing most of the time. I guess I'm usually just curious to see what other people think.

I had this dream the other day where I was at one of my old apartments, but how old I am now instead of back then when I was still a teenager, dreams don't always make much sense but I was there. I was looking out my window and the glass of the window was flexible so I was putting my hand through it like it was liquid. Then I saw a bunch of people running, then there was a booming sound which was footsteps from a couple of giant people walking by and I looked out of my other window to take a better look.

They just kept getting bigger the closer they got, and when they got close to me they took a step and my windows shattered. I stood there and could only watch them, but part of me wanted to get their attention so I opened the blinds and it was strange because I felt colder, like if wind was blowing at me and I found a way to yell and ask them what they were doing because they broke my windows.

I don't remember the exact dialogue, but they saw me as something that was insignificant and were able to both reach their arms in my bedroom and wreck the whole place until one of them grabbed me. It's when I noticed it was a couple, the lady grabbed me but I think she was with her boyfriend (or husband) and they were wearing bathing suits. It didn't get too crazy, they did kiss each other a few times and continued to walk but she was holding me in her hand the entire time.

I just watched them roam around, laughing at the people running away and causing more damage. Fire trucks, police, ambulances all were kicked around and the guy swatted a helicopter out of the sky. It wasn't until the woman said she didn't have any pockets, then I saw the guy look at me in a confident way and I was thrown in the air and landed in his mouth. I just remember hearing a loud swallowing sound before I woke up.

I had that dream earlier in this month, maybe a few weeks before Halloween. I was disappointed because I don't like that kind of vore, I would have enjoyed it more if I went other places. I did have that sensation like being on a roller coaster before I got swallowed in the dream, I enjoyed it but wasn't anything I wanted to tell anyone else about.

I just wanted to reply so we might have other people to talk to, and I rarely share my dreams or personal kinks with anyone. I also felt the need to say anything I wanted to because my birthday was yesterday and it felt like a good excuse to stop being so quiet.
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